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Everybody has a ‘duty of care’ to all other people, without exception, to warn them of any danger and to prevent them from being injured. This duty applies to everyone at all times everywhere.
This is where WH&S comes from.
Safety is not a complicated process that is too hard and therefore to be ignored.
It is simply a series of steps put in place that adds up to a safe system of work.
Just like going for a walk, one foot after the other…

Why do we have Work Health and Safety (WH&S)


WH&S law and practices evolved from the simple idea that we all expect not to be injured as we go about our daily lives.

WH&S law consists of Acts of all parliaments, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards. All this law is now being consolidated so that all safety law will be the same all over Australia.

Compliance with these is the absolute minimum required to avoid prosecution in the event of any incident.

However, it is how well provision of a ‘safe system of work’ involving; the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), workers, visitors and the public is done that ensures all hazards and risk in the workplace is controlled to ‘as low as reasonably practicable’. This will include items listed in the Services page that are some, but not all, of what may need to be done so that your workplace is compliant.

To deliberately not follow a safety procedure or interfere with safety items is now a criminal offence no matter who a person is.


How WH&S Pays


Business relies on work progressing at the planned rate and not being interrupted.

Work can be interrupted by any incident with these consequences:

  • Fatalities and injuries
  • Loss of skilled personnel
  • Disruption to business with loss of production
  • Failure to meet production deadlines
  • Reportable incidents with fines and other legal penalties
  • Increased surveillance by: regulators, unions, media, etc
  • Negative publicity effect on winning future business
  • Increases in insurance premiums
  • Costs that are not covered by insurances
  • The list simply goes on

With our assistance, you avoid unplanned losses by our helping you manage the foreseeable risks of what you do to safe levels that allow work to safely continue.

Organisations with strong WH&S supported by management and workers at all levels profits from:

  • Work proceeds smoothly as planned
  • Proven track record of delivering on time and on budget
  • Winning business due to reputation for reliability and safety
  • Being supplier of choice on suppliers lists of preferred clients
  • Ability to apply a ‘safety premium’ and selectively bid for work
  • Lower workers compensation, other premiums and costs
  • Lower stress at all levels resulting in a more stable work force
  • Work force who are more productive with less down time
  • Employer of choice able to command high quality personnel
  • Profits meeting or exceeding budget

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