SAA can recommend Associates for the following specialised services:


  • Selection and Location of Equipment to AS/NZS 2444:2001
  • Inspection and Maintenance to AS/NZS 1851:2112


  • Tag and Testing of Portable Electrical Equipment to AS/NZ S3760:2010

Hazardous Substances

  • Information for safe storage and use of hazardous substances to AS/NZS 2714:2008

IT and Systems Security

  • Can your systems cope with an unplanned event, e.g. a simple blackout?
  • Computer system maintenance and upgrades, e.g. backups
  • Latest components available at very competitive prices

Physical Security

  • Does your organisation have systems in place for criminal and other physical threats, e.g. robbery, bush fire?

Staff and Team Development

  • Communication
  • Personal development
  • Team building
  • Managing change

Permanent Part Time Safety Professionals

  • Don’t need a full time safety advisor?
  • Why not hire one of our Associates for 1 or 2 days on a permanent part time basis to suit your business needs
  • All hold WHS, training and facilitation professional qualifications and bring a wealth of experience