The following movies are all real and illustrate what can and did, go wrong.
Click on the links below to view the movies.

  • What happens when people instinctively do the wrong thing – training failure

    • Kitchen Oil FireThis is a must view and sound needs to be turned on for the commentary
  • What happens when people don’t know what is happening – communication failure

  • What happens when consequences are not foreseen – planning failure

  • What happens when people are distracted – failure to focus on the task being done

  • What happens when you are driving and remaining alert – incident under control

  • What can be safely achieved with proper communication, planning and focus

  • And finally, what happens when training and focussing on the task kick in

While these resources are in the public domain, the copyright in them is acknowledged and they are made freely available for safety information of a general nature and not for profit use.